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It seems Microsoft cannot get anything right with the new operating system. First, there was the less user-friendly interface and design of the new OS, which consequently led to its modest sales. This prompted Microsoft to introduce some changes in the new OS to take care of the customer grievances, and boost its declining sales.

However, this so-called Microsoft fix or the Windows 8.1 update, as they choose to call it, is creating even more problems than it is solving. It seems that the Microsoft Fix It Center and other support web pages online would be busy for a long time providing solutions and fixes.

What are the Windows 8.1 RT problems?

To start with, many enthusiastic users, who installed the Windows 8.1 RT OS update within the first few days of its release found there system. The update installed resulted in the much-dreaded Windows blue screen error, and required a complete recovery using a Windows 8 RT USB stick. There was no solution available on the Microsoft Fix It website, or the Windows Store.

Microsoft has since replaced the faulty update with a new one that seems to be working fine – but, not for some of the users. A solution was provided on one of the Windows Support pages for download. This was the recovery file required to change your system back to its factory settings and yes, all your data will be gone.

Windows 8 RT USB stick

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There were other errors too. Some of the users found that the updated Windows 8.1 RT OS is not detecting some of the devices, which were already installed and working in the Windows 8 OS. This was really frustrating for them. The Windows 8.1 update was supposed to be a smooth affair, with every driver and application compatible to Windows 8.1.

For example, a mouse or a Bluetooth device that was working fine before the update may not work now, as Windows 8.1 may not detect the connected device. This has happened to many users. And, they are still waiting for a solution.

Can Microsoft fix it with another update?

Clearly, not all the Windows RT users are happy with the new Windows RT 8.1 OS. Many Windows 8.1 problems have been reported so far. Perhaps, Microsoft should start working on another update to fix the issues with the first one.

It seems Microsoft has rushed the Windows 8.1 update to boost the waning Windows 8 sales. And now, they are struggling to fix all the bugs in Windows 8.1.

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