Tips To Upgrade Your Computer To Windows 8

how to upgrade to Windows 8

               Features Of Windows 8

Are you thinking about how to upgrade to Windows 8? If so, this article can be of your help. Here, we will find out how you can do a clean installation of Windows 8 on your computer.

Steps Involved

  • Navigate to the official website of Microsoft and choose the option Upgrade Now. This will initiate the download of Windows Upgrade Assistance. Choose a location to save the downloaded tool. It is advised that you save it on your desktop for easy access. This tool will help you with the upgrade process.
  • Once the tool is downloaded, double click and run it. The tool might take several minutes to verify the configuration of your computer. Once it completes the process, you will see the window with the heading Heres what we found. This window will give you the list of programs in your computer which will work with Windows 8, and the ones which will not.
  • Select the option Next.
  • The next window will show the screen Choose what to keep. Here, select the option Nothing and then choose Next.
  • Choose the edition of Windows 8 you would like to purchase and select the button Order, next to it. Follow the on-screen commands to finish the ordering process.
  • Once you have placed your order successfully, you will find the product key on the screen. Note this down.
  • The next step starts the download of Windows 8 to your computer. Keep in mind that it might even take several hours for the download to complete, as it depends on the speed of your internet connection.
  • When the download process completes, you will see the window Install Windows 8. Select the option Install by creating media and choose Next.

    USB flash drive

                          Install Windows 8

  • You can choose either ISO file or USB flash drive as the media.
  • It is advised that you choose ISO file, as it would be more convenient. Save the file to a preferred location.
  • Once the ISO file is created on your computer, you will find the screen Burn the ISO file to a DVD. Insert a DVD and choose DVD burner, which will start to write the ISO file to the disc. You may use the DVD to initiate a clean installation of the operating system.

We hope that the above mentioned steps help you answer your query on how to upgrade to Windows 8. For further assistance, you may contact our technical support center.

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