How To Get A Promo Code For Windows 8

How to upgrade to Windows 8

As Microsoft released the final version of the Windows 8 operating system in the market, anyone can purchase the Windows 8 operating system and install the same on their computer. If you are wondering how to upgrade to Windows 8 from your old operating system, just buy the Windows 8 OS from a vendor and install it in your system. Microsoft provides you with two installation options, fresh or clean installation and upgrading your existing system to Windows 8. In the case of a clean install, all your data and system settings will be lost but in case of up-gradation, you will be able to keep all your files and system settings according to your current operating system.

Lately, most of you would have heard about a Promo code of Windows 8 that is available over the internet. A Promo code is actually a promotion offer for the new operating system released by Microsoft. If you happen to have a promo code, you will be able to get the Windows 8 operating system at a minimal price as less as $14.99. Now, anyone can get a promo code from the Windows Store, so there is not much to be done for getting one and using one. If you are wondering how to upgrade to Windows 8 using a promo code, follow the simple tips given below.

Steps to follow

  • Visit the official Windows 8 upgrade page and then select your country and region from the drop down menu in the page.
  • Now click on the button named Continue found in the next page.

    Windows 8 OS

  • Fill in the form shown in the next page carefully by entering your name, email address and some extra details about the Windows 7 computer you are now using.
  • The details of the PC must include the manufacturer of the computer, the date of purchase of the system and the model number of the computer. The form actually does not validate your details so you can enter any information in the fields, but remember to keep the date of purchase after June 2, 2012.
  • Now click on the Continue button found in the bottom of the page to get your free promo code.

At first, the offer was available only for Windows 7 users who purchased their PC after June 2 2012, but it seems like the offer is available for everyone now.