The Ask Toolbar Removal Process In Firefox

Ask toolbar removal

Ask toolbar is a basic toolbar that is designed for web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google chrome etc to enhance our browsing experience and make our time spent on the internet worthwhile. The toolbar is located at the top of web browsers. One of the search engines, in which we can input our queries and provide valuable solutions, is Ask Jeeves was its former name. However, sometimes toolbars are loaded without our consent and it causes a whole lot of nuisance. Some users may find a liking for the toolbars but most consider it as a nuisance.

You can remove Ask toolbar using the Add Or Remove Programs feature in Windows, which is present in the Control panel. In addition, a free Ask toolbar removal application that wipes away the tool and its remaining traces is available and it also corrects the settings that may be altered by the toolbar. Ask toolbar removal is simple and easy. You can delete the toolbar from Firefox by following a few and simple steps.

Using ‘Add or remove programs’ feature

  • The Firefox web browser has to be closed first. Now click on the Start button, which is present in the extreme bottom left of the taskbar. Now the Start menu will pop up. Select the Control Panel option. You will be able to see a set of options in the Control panel window.
  • From the list of options, choose Add Or Remove Programs.
  • The list of programs, which are installed on your system, will be available. From the list, select Ask toolbar and select the option Remove.

    Enhance our browsing experience

  • Ask toolbar will be removed from your system after following the uninstall instructions.

Using the Ask toolbar remover

  • You will need to first close the Firefox browser. You have to download Ask toolbar remover from the link that is present in resources page. You will have to save the file to the desktop or a required location of your choice.
  • You will need to double click the folder to open it and you will see the file present.
  • In order to execute the file, you will have to double click on the file.
  • Now the program will open and you will have to choose the option to execute removal.

By following these steps, the Ask toolbar removal process can be done and the Ask toolbar will not bother you anymore when you open Firefox.