Existing Users Can Upgrade From Windows 8 To Windows 8.1 Free Of Cost

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

Features Of Windows 8

After the release of Windows 8 in 2012, many customers were in search of tips on how to upgrade to Windows 8. However, it was only after the installation that they found the various drawbacks of the operating system. The absence of a Start button, logging on to the Start screen in place of the desktop window etc. played an important role in the lack of popularity of this operating system. Now, Microsoft came up with a solution for the large number of complaints received against Windows 8. The software giant released Windows 8.1 for the existing Windows 8 users and the new users wishing to upgrade from an old operating system.

Now, just as the users searched for how to upgrade to Windows 8, there were searches from across the world on topics about upgrading to Windows 8.1. As the operating system was released to fix the troubles of Windows 8 OS, it was made available free of cost to all Windows 8 users. All the existing Windows 8 customers can download and install the operating system from the Windows Store. All they need is the license key for Windows 8 to download the operating system.

The upgrade installation can be carried out even if you have installed the preview code of the operating system. Now, in addition to the official ways, you can upgrade to Windows 8.1 through an unofficial method. For this, you need the Windows 8 installation ISO. This is available for all Technet subscribers. They can download the ISO file from Microsoft’s servers. In order to install the operating system with the ISO image, you require a USB flash drive or a blank DVD. It is convenient to use a USB flash drive.

Start Screen

Windows 8 Installation

Insert the USB disk and copy the ISO file to the drive. In order to burn the tool to the drive, it might be required for you to install any of the third party software programs. Microsoft has released a Windows 7 USB/DVD tool. Keep in mind that you are going to use this drive as a bootable disk and therefore, extracting the files will not do the trick. Once you have the bootable disc, you may insert it to the user computer, which you wish to upgrade, and restart it. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.

If you are a Windows 8 user, install the updated Windows 8.1 operating system today and enjoy the changes with the newly added features of the operating system.

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A Simple Way To Remove Ask Toolbar

Ask Toolbar Removal

Ask Toolbar Removal Methods

Ask Toolbar is a free browser add-on meant for aiding a web searcher who uses the Ask.com search engine from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Despite its many useful functions, since it is prone to so many issues, you may need to remove the ask toolbar from your computer. Lets us see how ask toolbar removal is implemented.

You can either remove ask tool bar manually or with the help of an automated tool. When comparing both the methods, it is wise to go for an automated removal of the program, since it scans through the system and does not leave any trace of the ask toolbar. However, manual methods of removing ask toolbar is also explained below.

Manual process of removing ask toolbar

Go to Start and choose Control Panel. Select Add And Remove Programs or Uninstall a program (depends on the operating system you run on your computer). Choose again the Ask toolbar. You will get a series of instructions and make sure that you finish each of them to uninstall ask toolbar. Sometimes, certain related files will remain in the system. You need to completely remove these files also. Next, choose Start and choose My computer. Choose C:/Program Files and go through the files that require removal. After finding these files, choose the folder. Press Shift and delete keys to remove it. Reboot the computer and with this, the removal of the program gets completed.

Using Automated tool

Automated Removal

Ask Toolbar Removal Program

As mentioned above, an automated tool is the best way of removing Ask toolbar. You can go with tools such as Final Uninstaller. You can download the program and install it right on your computer to start the removal process. You can implement the removal process by selecting the Scan button. You will see a list of programs and select ask toolbar and put a check mark beside the box adjacent to it. Once this is done, hit the Clean button and you will thus finish the removal task.

To ensure that the ask toolbar removal process is successful, you need to clean the registry as well. You need to clean up the registry after every uninstallation process to remove the files that are left over. If you fail to clean up the registry, Windows function may go wrong and you may face errors down the line. To avoid the risk, you can download a registry-cleaning tool and run the same on your computer. These simple tweaks help your computer run smooth after removing the ask toolbar successfully.

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Get Rid Of Ask Toolbar From Vista And XP

Ask Toolbar Removal

More About Ask Toolbar Removal

A toolbar is most often used to help the user while browsing online. Toolbars normally come along with a web browser and they can accidentally get installed on your web browser. Normally, a toolbar is introduced by search engines in order to reduce the time that people used for web navigation. Though it may sound quite useful, it can use up more of your screen space. This can finally leave very little space while viewing a site, which can be quite annoying.

Ask toolbar is one such website that is introduced by Ask.com and people generally use it for finding answers for different questions. If you have Firefox or Internet Explorer and if you have tried working on Ask.com, you would have come across the Ask toolbar add-on. Sometimes, Ask toolbar removal can turn out to be quite tough, but you can follow the instructions given below to make the process easy.

For Windows XP

  • You ought to close all the web browsers that are already open.
  • Now click on the Start button on your desktop and click on Control Panel.
  • You can choose Add/Remove Programs.
  • This will open up the list of programs that are installed on your system and it would have the Ask logo and would be written as Ask Toolbar. You can select it.
  • Now select Change/Remove.

For Windows Vista

  • All open web browsers must be closed.

    Screen Space

    Try Ask Toolbar Removal

  • You can click on the Start button on the desktop and choose Control Panel.
  • Now below Programs, you can choose Uninstall a program.
  • You will find the list of programs from which you can choose the Ask logo and the text Ask toolbar.
  • Next to the name of the toolbar, you will find the Uninstall button and you can select Continue. This will help in Ask toolbar removal.

You can open your web browser and verify whether the toolbar is still present. If you find the same, you can complete the process of uninstallation by restarting your computer. A majority of problems due to toolbars can be fixed by following the instructions given above. However, sometimes, some of the users would find it quite difficult to remove the toolbar successfully, despite following the above steps. In such a scenario, it would be better to download a utility program that could help in uninstalling the Ask toolbar from the web browser. You can thus successfully uninstall Ask toolbar if you find it difficult to do the same manually.

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Fixing The Windows 8 And Windows 8.1 Update Problems

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

About Windows 8 Update

If you have the habit of using browser add-ons and toolbars, at some point you’ll notice you’ve many you no longer use. Obviously, your browsing habits would have undergone enough changes in the last few months that you no longer do some of the stuff online, that you used to a few months back. It would improve the performance of the browser to get rid of a few unused add-ons and toolbars.

How to remove Yahoo toolbar from the browser?

Though not as popular as Google, Yahoo is a great online search engine. You might have installed the Yahoo toolbar in your browser for accessing the Yahoo search engine and other online services, directly from the toolbar without visiting the website. However, if you are no longer using the Yahoo search engine, then this toolbar is an unnecessary drain on the browser’s functioning.

You can remove Yahoo toolbar from the browser add-ons section or from the OS programs section, depending on the toolbar version you’ve installed. If the toolbar was a standalone application, then you need to close the browser, and go to the OS Control Panel. There, click on the Add or Remove Programs icon to launch the wizard.

On the Add or Remove Programs wizard, you will find the Yahoo toolbar application. You can uninstall it from there by clicking the Remove button. Now, restart the system and open the browser application. You will not see the Yahoo toolbar in the browser menu anymore.

Upgrade Assistant

Contact Windows Support

But, if the Yahoo toolbar was installed as a browser add-on, you can remove it from the browser itself. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to the Tools menu and click on the Add-ons option you see there. This will open a new tab in the browser, where you will see all add-ons installed in your browser.

You will find the Yahoo toolbar add-on here. Select it and click on the Uninstall or Remove button you see there. Now, restart the browser application to let these changes take effect.

The process for removing the Yahoo toolbar in other web browsers like Internet Explorer, Goole Chrome, etc will be slightly different. You have to go to the Add-ons or Extensions section in these browsers to remove the toolbar.

If you have any doubts regarding this, visit the official Yahoo website online.

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Factors That Forced Microsoft To Release Windows 8.1

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

Features Of Windows 8

Just one year had passed after the release of Windows 8, when Microsoft rolled out its next operating system, Windows 8.1. Normally, this would not have happened and we could have expected another operating system only after three to five years. Therefore, what factors had forced the software giant to roll out another operating system within a year of the release of Windows 8? Let us find out the various drawbacks of Windows 8, which has forced the software giant to release an updated version in a year.

Once Windows 8 was released in the market, many customers were anxiously searching on how to upgrade to Windows 8. However, after upgrading to Windows 8, many of them found that the operating system does not meet their expectations. Some of the major drawbacks of Windows 8 are listed below.

Start screen: not loved by all

Even though Microsoft released this operating system highlighting the Start screen as one of its major features, it has not gone well with many customers. One of the most annoying factors is that you may have to switch user interfaces regularly. Many people are annoyed, as they press the Windows logo key to open the start menu and finds that they have been taken to the Start screen, which is loaded with apps.

No Start button

The absence of a Start button has caused annoyance to majority of Windows 8 users. With this, many users find it extremely difficult to navigate to different options in the operating system like Control Panel, My Documents etc.

Metro Apps

Windows 8 Installation

Apps running in the background

Once you have finished working with a program, you would like to close it. However, with Windows 8 apps, this is not possible. The operating system does not provide its users with a mechanism to close down the metro apps.

No direct shut down option

When you had Windows 7 or Windows XP operating system, you could simply click the shut down button and turn off the computer. However, when it comes to Windows 8, this feature is absent. You will have to log off the computer first and then click the power button from where you will find the option for shut down.

All the above drawbacks of Windows 8 resulted in the poor performance of the operating system and led to the release of a new one. Now, if you want to find out how to upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you may contact our technical support team for assistance.

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