Omni Tech Support Windows 7 Tips & Tricks: Change Wallpaper and Rainmeter

Learn how to customize your Windows 7 PC with ease. Omni tech support team shows how to change the wallpaper and rainmeter in Windows 7 here:

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Removing Ask Toolbar From The Browser

Ask Toolbar Removal

Toolbar Removal Tools

There are some instances where Ask toolbar get installed in the browser when you try to install some third party software. This changes the entire settings of the browser such as the toolbar, the default search engine and the home page. This is the most annoying thing that most users complain. Many think this to be the activity of a potential hacker, trying to intrude the computer system. Hence, they go for an Ask toolbar removal.

Do you wonder how it arrived in your browser? It must have come with a software or program that you tried downloading. When this happens, it changes every setting in the browser putting you out of your comfort zone.

Do you wonder why it gets installed? While downloading and installing a software or program, you would find checkboxes with certain additional features along with the actual program. These check boxes are automatically checked, which we never notice. Hence, when you go ahead and install them, all the items checked is downloaded. This is how Ask toolbar and the Ask search engine arrives in the browser.

For a long time, Ask toolbar was considered as a virus or malware, which is why people went haywire when they found the toolbar installed in the browser. Nevertheless, later it was a relief when it was declared that the toolbar was not a malware. Hence, the toolbar was named as a potentially unwanted program or PUP.

The best thing is that you can remove these toolbars from the browser. There are Ask toolbar removal tools available in the internet that can remove the same. But other than that, you need to get into the settings of the browser and then remove or delete it from there.

For instance, removing Ask toolbar from Google Chrome is as follows,

  • Launch the Browser.
  • Click on Chrome Options and then click on the option Extensions.

    Software Or Program

    Search Bar Removal

  • This will open a window with all the extensions and toolbars populated, search for Ask toolbar and click on the Trash Can symbol next to the option.
  • This will remove the extension from the browser.

Another method is to remove the toolbar and the search engine from the Control Panel.

Open the Control Panel window and look for the icon that says Add\Remove Programs or Uninstall A Program, and open the same. A window with the different software or programs installed in the computer populates, select and delete all the programs associated with Ask.

This should take care of the issue and have the toolbar removed from the browser.

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Microsoft Planning To Release Windows 8.1 As An Update For Windows 8 Users

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

features of Windows 8

Many people were eagerly anticipating the release of Windows 8 operating system. Many Windows fans were in searching the tech blogs on topics like how to upgrade to Windows 8 prior to its release. However, this enthusiasm did not last long after the release of the operating system. Many factors contributed to the poor performance of the operating system. The absence of Start button, only option to boot to the Start screen, troubles in accessing different options etc. played an important role in the poor performance of the operating system. Those people who were in search of topics on how to upgrade to Windows 8 were now in search of steps to downgrade the operating system.

With many criticisms about a much-hyped operating system, it became inevitable for Microsoft to release an upgraded version of it and thus, we saw the release of Windows 8.1, just one year after the release of Windows 8. All the existing Windows 8 users were allowed to upgrade to Windows 8.1 free. However, according to latest reports, about half of the users still run Windows 8 when all Windows 8.x users are taken into account. This means, the offer by Microsoft was not well received by the customers.

So, why were Windows 8 users reluctant to make this free upgrade? According to experts, the difficulties in downloading the operating system from the Windows Store and the related issues were the major cause. Now, Microsoft is getting ready to solve this issue. The company has now decided to provide Windows 8.1 in the form of a Windows update. Currently, the new method of upgrade is offered only to Windows RT customers but soon, we might see such updates for all existing Windows 8 users.

Start Screen

Windows 8 Installation

The advantage of updating your Windows 8 operating system to Windows 8.1 using the update method is quite simple. It avoids the troubles of having the user to wait for the download to finish and then follow the instructions to install it on the computer. When the upgrade option is available as a Windows Update, it would be installed in the background of the computer and you do not have to worry about it.

The new method will certainly increase the customer base of Windows 8.1 customers. Majority of existing Windows 8.1 customers either bought a new PC or upgraded from other operating systems. With new update method likely to be released in the near future, we might soon see all the Windows 8 customers being upgraded with Windows 8.1.

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Guide For Removing The Ask Toolbar

Ask Toolbar Removal

Toolbar Removal

Ask toolbar is a browser add-on program that was developed by the search engine The main function of the toolbar is to provide faster search results from the search engine. The problem with the toolbar is that it is not much useful for many users, as no one really uses to get search results. People usually prefer using Google, Yahoo or Bing for searching over the internet. The toolbar is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program by security agencies.

Many may find that the Ask toolbar has been installed in their browsers even though they did not install it themselves. The problem is that many free software programs come with the toolbar coupled with its installation file. So when you install the software in your system, it automatically adds the toolbar to the web browser. Ask toolbar will take up a good part of the browser cache and memory. This will make the make the browser to slow down, so you will not be able to browse fast through the internet even though you are having a high-speed internet connection.

This will force you to think about the Ask toolbar removal steps. Here we discuss simple instructions to remove the toolbar from your system.


  • If you are using the web browser, close it by clicking on the small x shaped button found at the top right corner of the web browser.
  • Now click on the Start button to open the Start menu and then on the Control Panel tab found at the right side pane of the menu.

    Remove Ask Toolbar

    Ask Removal

  • Click on the option labeled as Uninstall a program. A new window will open up on the screen showing all the programs installed in the computer. Look for the Ask toolbar by scrolling down through the list.
  • Click on the toolbar to select it and move the mouse pointer to the top of the window, click on the Uninstall button found there to start the Ask toolbar removal process.
  • If the system asks you to confirm the removal of toolbar, click on the Yes button to confirm it.
  • Restart the system when the process is completed for saving all the changes made to the system.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to remove Ask toolbar from your web browser. However if you are not able to remove the toolbar, feel free to contact our help and support team.

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Should I Buy Windows 8.1 With My New PC?

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

Windows 8 Features

If you asked me how to upgrade to Windows 8 two years ago, I wouldn’t dare to give you the answer and would certainly discourage you from the attempt of upgrading your current OS to the crippled Windows 8 OS. But, today, I don’t stick to my opinion, that Windows 8 is a crippled operating system. I have deviated a lot from my viewpoint, thanks to the new update Microsoft has rolled out to Windows 8. The new Windows 8.1 update seems to have addressed many of the problems that were there initially with the operating system.

The update came at the right time when millions of people, after upgrading their OS to Windows 8, didn’t know what to do next. There are reports that some even downgraded their OS from Windows 8. In my personal opinion, Windows 8 didn’t meet the expectations of many. The operating system was an awkward imitation of iOS and Android.

Major downsides with Windows 8

Microsoft claimed that Windows 8 was a touch-oriented operating system. In fact, through Windows 8, Microsoft intended to introduce an operating system that is both mobile friendly and desktop friendly. Had the company realized that it can’t meet the requirements of both desktops and touch-screen devices in a single operating system, it wouldn’t have dared to introduce Windows 8 the way it was. We saw from many of the reports and customer reviews that the operating system was a failure not only on desktops but also on touch-screen devices.

Traditional Windows Features

Windows 8 Upgrade

The major drawback with Windows Phone 8, the mobile version of Windows 8, is that there are fewer compatible applications as compared to Android and iOS. Moreover, Windows Phone 8 bears the infamy as the awkward imitation of Android and iOS. When it comes to the desktop version of Windows 8, the operating system is blamed for not integrating traditional Windows features like the Start button.

Windows 8.1 outdoes Windows 8

Perhaps, Windows 8.1 update could be the only good thing that Microsoft has introduced in the near history after Window 7. Although it does not address all Windows 8 problems, it is a temporary relief for the folks who are about to downgrade their OS from Windows 8.

The question how to upgrade to Windows 8 is still relevant today although many of us have changed our attention from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. If you are serious about upgrading your OS, go for Windows 8.1.

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