All New Windows 10 Is Going To Be Legendary!

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

Windows 10 Operating System Upgrade

To those users who were miffed by the dysfunctional User Interface of Windows 8 operating system, you might want to check out the features of Windows 10 operating system. The all-new operating system is all set to blow the minds of all Windows users. Usually, whether the pricing features of the OS impress you or not, the cost of the upgrade would want you rethink if it is worth the investment. However, this time Microsoft is all set to impress its customer base by releasing a ridiculously under-priced pricing scheme for Windows 10 operating system. So if you are wondering how to upgrade to Windows 8, you might want to wait it out until the next operating system is released.

With the Windows 10 Technical Preview still on due, the operating system is yet to make a public appearance as on date. However, Russian hacker group WZOR, which is notorious for leaking nuggets of information about Windows from time to time, has recently shed a light into the pricing details of the upcoming operating system. According to the group, Microsoft might make Windows 10 operating system a free upgrade for existing Windows 8 users, which is unlike any strategy it has made before. Moreover, in order to attract Windows XP users into upgrading their operating system, the upgrade to Windows 10 OS might be priced at around $20 only!

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 Upgrade Information

This low pricing system, which is just a fraction of previous OS upgrades, is meant to appease Windows 8 operating system users, who have been up in arms about the ridiculous interface that is extremely hard to navigate using the conventional keyboard and mouse. In addition to this, this offer is meant to attract Windows XP users who have refused to upgrade even after end-of-support date. All these pricing schemes are mere conjecture since Microsoft has not made the specific details about any upgrade proposal public at this time.

Other information released by WZOR includes the news that a special Windows 10 Enterprise that lacks the Metro interface has been released to testers and that Windows 10 Pro OEM test version will not be released for the same. Various new information about Windows 10 operating system have been coming from time to time, making this operating system one of the most awaited Windows OS ever. From support for 3D Ultra HDTVs

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Windows 8.1- A Free Upgrade

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

Upgrade To Windows

Microsoft released their latest operating system Windows 8.1 in the market after the massive failure of their much hyped Windows 8 operating system which sported the Metro styled user interface. The main reason for the failure of the operating system was its main feature too, the Metro interface. Most of the traditional PC users found it hard to work with the operating system as they were confused with the new design. Another main issue was the removal of the Start menu button and presence of a plethora of errors. Many people who have once wondered how to upgrade to Windows 8 are now thinking how to remove it.

The company released the Windows 8.1 operating system as a free upgrade for Windows 8 users after fixing most of the issues found in the older operating system. This new development however led many to again ponder over how to upgrade to Windows 8 operating system as then they will be able to upgrade to the new Windows 8.1 operating system for free. This new initiation from Microsoft is seen as a measure to claim their sales once lost through Windows 8.

One could without doubt say that Windows 8 is by far the worst and least sold operating system. Its market share stands even below that of the poorly performed and erroneous Windows Vista operating system. However, after having a quick look through the Windows 8.1 operating system, anyone can come to the conclusion that Microsoft has not fixed all the issues with the operating system Windows 8. However, they had fixed some of the major issues related to the operating system.

Upgrade Your Windows PC

How To Upgrade PC

Since Windows 8.1 too lacked the Start menu button in its interface, many of the users did not pay much attention to the operating system, and this led to the failure of Windows 8.1 too in the OS market. The only hope that Windows users now have is that regarding the Windows 9 operating system, which is rumored to enter the market in early 2015. It is heard that the new operating system will have the Start menu and will be primarily based on the successful Windows 7 operating system rather than on the defunct Windows 8.x designs.

So if you are looking to upgrade your Windows PC, wait until 2015 to have a look at the upcoming Windows 10 operating system.

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How To Disable And Remove Ask Toolbar

Ask Toolbar Removal

Remove Ask Toolbar

Ask toolbar is a browser add-on and can be installed with almost all web browsers. The main function of the toolbar is to provide fast search results from However, only few people make use of Ask for search purposes. The toolbar installs itself to your browser when you install new free software or games to the system. The main disadvantage of Ask toolbar is that it makes the browser to work slowly. This forces many users to disable and remove the toolbar from their web browsers. Here we discuss simple instructions for disabling and removing the toolbar from Internet Explorer web browser.

Disabling From IE

  • Open the Internet Explorer web browser by double clicking on its icon found in the desktop and then click on the option labeled as Tools found in the application window.
  • From the drop down menu that appears on the screen, click on the option labeled as Manage Add-ons.
  • A new window will now appear on the screen showing all the add-ons and extensions installed with your web browser. Scroll down through the list looking for the Ask toolbar and click on it for selecting it when found.
  • Make sure that you remove the check mark found next to the toolbar for disabling the same.

Now, to know about Ask toolbar removal from Control Panel, follow the instructions provided below.

Removing Ask toolbar

  • Open the Control Panel window by clicking on its tab found in the Start menu. When the Control Panel window appears
    Removing The Toolbar

    Ask Toolbar Removal

    on the screen, look for the option labeled as Programs in the window and click on the link labeled as Uninstall programs found under it.

  • Now a new window will appear on the screen showing all the programs and applications installed with your system. Look for the option labeled as Ask toolbar in the list and select it when found.
  • Now right click on the toolbar and select the option labeled as Uninstall for starting the Ask toolbar removal process.
  • Follow the prompts shown by the wizard for removing the toolbar completely from your system.
  • Restart the system for making the changes permanent.
  • If you open the Internet Explorer after the restart, you will be able to see that the toolbar is now completely removed from the browser.

In case you need further assistance, feel free to contact our tech support desk.

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Time To Ditch Windows XP

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

About Windows 8 Upgrade

Do not wait until the end of the ‘extended’ deadline for XP support to upgrade your systems. Microsoft will be providing only the essential security updates for the XP systems until July 14, 2015. But remember that this is not the same as the extended tech support, which XP was receiving until April 8, 2014.

How to upgrade to Windows 8 from XP

Microsoft has decided to provide a few more months to the Windows XP users, who now face the need of switching to a new platform completely. This might sound like an easy decision to the average PC users, but most of the XP users, like corporate offices, schools, universities, and so, will have to go through a lot of hassle while upgrading their entire XP infrastructure.

For these organizations, upgrading to Windows 8 calls for a huge investment, not only to buy the new OS, but to update the hardware as well. They also try to figure out how to upgrade to Windows 8 without losing all the data stored in the old systems. Microsoft is aware of these concerns, and so, they have released some useful applications to help them with the transition process.

Just go to the Windows website and follow the instructions provided there for migrating from Windows XP to Windows 8. Microsoft has provided an OS migration tool called PCMover Express, which can be used for transferring your files from your old machine to the new one without any issues. In fact, you can use this tool to transfer your user profile and OS settings to the new OS as well.

Online support

Contact Windows Tech Support

Microsoft has also provided a separate helpline number for XP users, who are having problems with the transition from Windows XP to Windows 8. As you are upgrading from a 13-year-old OS, there are bound to be a few compatibility problems when you transfer your old files to the new system. However, there is nothing to worry about, as you can easily find the necessary solutions from the Microsoft tech support personnel over the helpline.

You do not need to delete any of the old XP files, if Windows 8 fails to recognize them or shows an error message. This might happen when you try to open your XP backup files, which are written in a format that Microsoft no longer supports in their new operating systems. All such problems can be easily fixed by visiting the Microsoft tech support page. So, start upgrading your old XP systems today.

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Removing The Ask Toolbar From Chrome And Your PC

Ask Toolbar Removal

Remove Ask Toolbar

If you have the Ask toolbar in your system, you will probably know that it changes the custom browser settings once installed. The two things it always changes in your web browser are the home page, and the default search engine. People rarely install this toolbar knowingly, and when it does creep in, it is as part of another product’s installation. So if you don’t pay attention to the installation prompts, Ask toolbar can easily sneak in.

This is why Ask toolbar removal is a common call, and understandably enough, there are standard techniques in place by now to perform it. Steps in the essential procedure are as follows.


  • Launch the Chrome browser, and click on the menu icon at the top right. This will be in the form of a stack button, or a wrench.
  • From there, select Settings. Go to the Startup section, and choose the Set Pages option.
  • Find the unnecessary home page URL and delete it by clicking on the x button beside it. Click OK when done.
  • Go to the Appearance section, and select the Show Home button option. Then hit the Change button.
  • Go to the Open this page box, and delete the Ask home page form there too.
  • Set the website you prefer loading when you hit the Home page button, and confirm this by clicking on OK.
  • Now go to the Search section, find the Manage Search Engines button, and click it.
  • Choose a different search engine than the one already selected, and set it as default by hitting the Make Default button. Select the entry for the Ask search engine, and delete it using the x button against it.

    Browser Settings

    Uninstall Ask Toolbar

  • Go to the left pane and select the Extensions option. You will find all the add-ons listed on the page that shows up. Delete the Ask Toolbar, by hitting the trash bin icon on the right. Also, make sure to remove any other extension from MindSpark Interactive Network.
  • Re-launch the browser after the uninstall procedure completes.

That is the gist of the procedure for Ask toolbar removal from Chrome. There is also an option to uninstall it from the Control Panel, which is mostly useless unless you have removed the browser extension first. Otherwise, the changes in Chrome are impossible to get rid of. Get in touch with our tech support team for further help.

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